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Should You Get a Covid Test if You Are Asymptomatic?

If you are reading this, chances are you’ve come in contact with a Delta or Omicron positive person, or are just concerned about your health. But before you go down the spiral of figuring out if you’re just feeling low or have COVID, ask yourself – Do I have any symptoms? If not, then ICMR suggests you don’t need a Covid test.

Indian Council for Medical Research says asymptomatic patients need not worry about getting tested if they are not at risk. This is being done to reduce the pressure on testing centres in the wake of the Omicron surge. Here’s all you need to know about the new Covid testing guidelines.

Covid test guidelines

For those of you who read a yes in the second column: The new guidelines for testing say that you should get a Covid test after the third day of exposure to the virus. This is because the virus grows in your body for 3 days and to get an accurate result, you should visit a testing centre or take a self-test after 3 days of having a symptom. 

We understand the times are scary and it’s normal to feel overwhelmed. But if we do our bit to protect ourselves and our families, we will be a step closer to defeating this virus. Please stay home, sanitise regularly and wear an N95 mask if you need to step outside. 

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