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Reserve your spot today and get a FREE month of Even, a full-body health check-up and a Covid-19 antibody test for ₹1.

Even gives you what your health insurance won’t.

Unlimited OPD & Diagnostics

Visit a doctor or get a lab test whenever you want, at any Even partner hospital.

50 Lakh Cover

Even covers hospitalisation costs of up to 50 lakh per year at any partner hospital.

Covid-19 Cover

Even takes care of your bills if you have Covid-19 & require hospitalisation.

Emergency Care

Even covers you for any accident or emergency hospitalisation anywhere in India.

Everything Cashless

Walk into a hospital. Flash your Even card. Walk out. Never pay out of pocket.

No Unfair Waiting Period

Even covers you from Day 1. Waiting period of 15 days for Covid-19 only.

How does Even do this?

Take profits out of your premium. The more claims they deny, the more money they get to keep.
Takes a flat fee. We have no incentive to deny claims.
Keep your premium and drive a hard bargain with hospitals in paying your bills.
Sends your money directly to hospitals so they can comfortably cover your medical costs.
Punish hospitals for treatments that exceed their estimation, so hospitals pass on the extra cost to you.
Rewards hospitals that are active in giving you the best service and treatment.
Only pay hospitals when you are sick and make a claim.
Pays hospitals more if you are healthy, encouraging them to invest in your long-term health.

Our Plans


Monthly membership starts at
Unlimited OPD
Unlimited diagnostics
Hospital cover of 50 lakh a year
Covid-19 cover
Emergency hospitalisation anywhere in India


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Policy Features
Even Plus
Monthly payment₹1500
Lock-in period3 months
₹50 lakh hospitalisation coverY
Doctors consultations and OPDUnlimited
Diagnostics (X-rays, blood tests)Unlimited
Covid-19 waiting period15 days
Claims processEntirely claimless. Just flash your Even card and go

Our team

Some of the best minds in the business are working on this.
Mayank Banerjee
Co-founder & CEO
  • Oxford Union President
  • Co-founder, Compass News
  • Associate, Special projects, Entrepreneur First
Matilde Giglio
Co-founder & COO
  • Masters from London School of Economics
  • Marketing Head for Fox & Paramount, Europe
  • Co-founder, Compass News
  • Principal at Hambro Perks, UK
Alessandro lalongo
Co-founder & CTO
  • PhD in Machine Learning at Cambridge and Max Planck Institute
  • Research experience at Google DeepMind
  • 5 years of applied ML and data science
Raunak Jha
  • Council Member, Institute of Actuaries of India
  • Appointed Actuary & Chief Risk Officer at Reliance, Magma & Cigna TTK
Animesh Roy
Chief of Healthcare Operations
  • MBA from ISB
  • Ex-General Manager for medical services, supply chain and analytics at Narayana Health
Ravi Bhandari
  • Ex-CEO, Shalby Hospitals
  • Ex-CEO, Gujarat Circle at Indus Towers
  • Ex-General Manager - Contracts, Reliance Industries

Our partner hospitals and labs

Our partners include the top hospital chains and labs in India.
Hold tight! We’ll release our list of hospitals soon.

Sounds too good to be true?

Here's what our early adopters have said about Even.

With insurance companies, there’s always an expectation that it’s never going to be completely cashless. Even though I can afford to pay extra at the hospital, I shouldn’t have to. Even understands that.
Saurabh, 30

No one knows what’s going on in the insurance industry. This will be most likely how anyone in my age bracket will react too. My impression of Even is that it is trying to do something different.
Radhika, 24

I’ve heard so many stories about health insurance companies being the absolute worst when it comes to paying claims. With Even, I found out you can walk in and walk out of the hospital without paying anything. My mind was blown. This sounds too good to be true, but it is true!
Richa, 34

I am totally sold on this cover, as having a plan that covers everything is super important to me. I have been searching for additional coverage with my current company insurance and this is the first time I have seen something like this.
Tribu, 37

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